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Delivering Innovation & Expertise In A Connected World

We specialise in helping our customers to get the most from data, through custom software, analytics, artificial intelligence, virtual & augmented reality and business process optimisation. Systems created and operated by Fusion242 collect and process billions of data-points from hundreds of thousands of devices each year.

Field Data Manager

Fusion242 Field Data Manager is a management portal for handling data, documents and assets. Integrate with your IoT and smart devices to perform custom analytics and reporting along with dashboard visualisations and advanced user access management.

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Field Data Hub

Our high performance and scalable middle-ware solution for managing connected systems and devices. FD Hub provides a multi-threaded architecture with out of the box functionality to process and store huge volumes of data from multiple sources.

FDM Hub can be used to load and manage huge volumes of data for the Fusion242 Field Data Manager product, to generate reports and perform analytical jobs and integrate into other systems and processes.

VR, AR and Digital Signage

Our dedicated virtual reality and augmented reality team use the Unity engine to create realistic interactive environments to assist with training, mapping virtual actions to real systems, simulations and serious game scenarios.

For jaw dropping digital signage we create static and interactive experiences tailored for your business and end-users.

Bespoke Development

If you require software development services, to create new products or to customise existing fusion242 software, our team are available to help. Contact us with your specific requirements and we will arrange a meeting at your convenience.

Powered by AWS Cloud Computing

Hosting Solutions

If you require cloud based hosting for your databases and servers, as well as software installation and management, fusion242 provides various options based on the Amazon Web Services infrastructure. Enquire for pricing based on your specific requirements.

Solution Consulting

Our team can help you address specific issues and clearly lay out a solution plan that meets your requirements. We will take into consideration your existing IT infrastructure along with suggestions on how to use our products or third party technologies.