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Field Data Manager

Fusion242’s Field Data Manager (FDM) software is a multi-functional web portal that can be used to manage assets, documents and data. FDM integrates powerful automated scripting and visualisation capabilities, allowing it to meet specific business needs such as analytics and reporting.

Use FDM to manage assets, data and documents for your business and your customers.

Store documents such as technical drawings, reports, spreadsheets alongside time-series data such as readings from sensors. Create custom business models with analytics and reporting to help automate time-consuming tasks.

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RETRA is a platform for working with data. It enables integration between systems, reporting and data export automation, transformation and load operations and much more.

It can be extended with custom components to manage your data formats, systems, API’s and also comes with many ‘out of the box’ connectors for common tasks such as FTP, file system monitoring, CSV processing, e-mail, database pooling and message queues. For AWS users, it supports connectivity with AWS IoT and other services, but can be easily expanded to other cloud service providers.

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Professional Services Delivered Across Three Key Areas

Software Development

We are experts at building reliable, innovative and responsive software.

For multiple markets we deliver quality web, mobile and desktop applications to benefit our customers and their users.

Data Consultancy

Managing large volumes of structured and unstructured data requires careful planning and system design.

We developed the DATS Methodology to help organisations prepare their data.

Cloud Architecture

Our expertise at delivering software and related services via the cloud has been honed by designing and hosting 24 x 7 x 365 systems that rely on high performance, flexibility and availability.