Data Solutions

Fusion242 specialise in helping our customers collect, manage and utilise data. We do this through turnkey solutions, custom software, analytics, artificial intelligence, virtual & augmented reality and business process optimisation.

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The Fusion of Things platform enables data ingest and export from any source, enhanced by custom business object models and visualisation and analytical capabilities.

Our technology is used in production systems to manage hundreds of thousands of devices across tens of thousands of sites. From schools to emergency services and hospitals, the FDM product is used to capture, analyse and automate reporting on data and to provide access to documents and visualisations via the web.


» Fusion Data Manager (FDM)

» Fusion Data Hub (FDH)


FDM is used by energy managers within organisations, consultancies & installers and hardware vendors. It helps to track the performance of energy usage from utilities, sub-metering and renewable sources. Data collected can be used to monitor the condition of hardware and help predict breakdowns and service requirements using known patterns and artificial intelligence based learning models.

Data Management

AMR or manual readings
Any combination of data channels
Capture from any source formats 24×7
Import via any source such as FTP, Email, API
Virtual devices manipulate or create data
Shadow data streams for reading adjustments
Data quality sampling features
Data pre-processing for historic analytics

Customise Features

Automatic calculations (e.g. FiT)
Certificate generation
HTML display outputs
Financial calculations & invoicing
ML/AI integration for condition monitoring
Bespoke report automation & delivery

Web Portal

Represent anything with custom models
Dashboard visualisations
Store & access files
Bespoke code extensions
Custom web services