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Our Experience in The Energy & Water Sector

Fusion242 have worked with water and energy data since 2012, helping consultancies, vendors and end-users to get more insights from their infrastructure via smart meters and sensors.

Our customers use our services to manage energy for large buildings, hospitals, ports, emergency services, local government and more.

Our solutions capture data for a wide variety of energy types such as:

  • Electricity & Gas
  • Solar PV
  • Biomass
  • CHP (G,E,H)
  • Wind
  • Oil

Our systems are used to monitor fiscal and non-fiscal water meters, mains supplies, hot and cold water systems and more. Our approach enables our customers to perform client by client analysis and reporting to help detect leaks, identify waste, and to advise where improvements can be made.

Data Collection Services

Processing and storing data from smart meters and sensors

Getting & Checking Data

We provide solutions to collect, verify, and store data from any source. Original files can be archived in the cloud and management reports created. In addition we provide secure and reliable FTP, MQ and HTTP services that devices can push data to at any time.

> Case Study: PA Energy

Our approach allows us to collect data at any frequency and in real-time or batch (e.g. HH interval data sent +1 day via FTP, with a daily absolute meter reading). We also help design data formats and can consult on ways to get more from existing formats using naming conventions and other techniques.

Data & Metadata Management

Analysing and Visualising Data and Relationships


Our CLOUD242 product provides visualisation and storage of your water & energy data. An additional metadata layer allows any kind of physical and conceptual relationships to be created, and for smart reports and analytics to be created.

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For field workers we also supply the MetaMoJi Gemba app that provides comprehensive form and note taking features. Drawings and Documents can be pushed to users and then used on their laptop or mobile device.

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Consulting & Integration

Custom Software, Processes and Connections To 3rd Party Systems


Whether you need a quick process to extract or transform some data, the Cloud242 system integrating into your website, or a completely custom data portal, fusion242 are able to help. Our development process is quick and modern, with many years of expertise managing the Water and Energy market’s needs.