Nucleus242 – Data Engine 2017-09-23T16:29:01+00:00

Nucleus_v2_mediumThe flexible, fast and distributable data engine

A Java data engine capable of collecting, analysing, storing, processing and distributing data from any source. Integrates systems and performs scheduled and on-demand activities.

Bringing devices and systems together

Nucleus provides a scalable data engine that can reside on an embedded system or small device such as a Raspberry Pi or process big data, deployed in the cloud. It can be extended quickly and safely to cater for the diverse ecosystem of hardware devices that need connecting to the cloud and other systems.

  • Java based platform for cross platform support
  • Core services including database pools and data collectors
  • Create bespoke listeners to collect and distribute data
  • Integrates with the Cloud242 platform to run scripts & jobs

  • Small enough to run on smart devices to send data