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MetaMoJi Gemba Enterprise

MetaMoJi Gemba is an app for Windows 10 and iOS (Android version planned for future release) that allows the user to create and manage notes using a rich set of tools and features. Gemba is the next iteration of MetaMoJi’s award-winning Note and Share technologies.

Gemba was designed to allow users to capture a wide range of information mediums, including writing, drawing, documents, audio and video, and then combine these with data – synchronised with external systems using common protocols.

Gemba documents resemble notebook pages and can be quickly created using templates or external files such as PDF and word documents. Each document can be shared with team members in real-time or kept private. 

Empowering Mobile Workers

Features That Matter

Capture Information

Gemba is based on the multi-award winning MetaMoji Note technology, getting the most from touch-screen mobile devices.

Rich Toolset For Note Taking

Type, write, draw, using a vast combination of pen types and colours. Take photographs, video, audio in any combinations. Annotate PDF / Office.

Go Paperless

Gemba enables companies to digitise their paper forms, reducing costs & CO2 footprint

Reduce Paper Usage

Import existing document templates from PDF and Office formats. Add form fields to Gemba documents, along with Spreadsheet components to perform calculations.

Empower Mobile Sales

Connect sales teams to up to date, rich, information and capture sales directly from customer sites.

Connect Mobile Sales Teams To Better Information

Give mobile sales teams access to a centralised information repository for products and services, along with latest pricing data. Sync orders directly to head office from client sites.

Collaborate in Realtime

Create documents that can be edited or viewed by teams simultaneously.

Share Capabilities

Documents can be accessed by multiple users, with permissions restricting actions. Documents can also be stored in shared folders, linking teams and departments to information.

Video & Audio

Record sights and sounds from on-site to enrich documentation

See & Hear

Compliment on site survey and inspection documentation with video recordings and audio capture.

System Integration

Create integrations with 3rd party systems, such as, using REST API connectivity

Utilise Intelligence From Your Front Line Teams

Gemba is about filtering information from the field, up to management, allowing continuous improvements to be made. Integrate data from external systems into Gemba notes, and send data from forms as new or updated records.

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$150 USD per user
Paid Annually

$15 USD per user
Monthly Payment
Minimum 12 month period

About MetaMoJi

MetaMoji Corporation are a Japanese creator of productivity applications. They have won a number of global awards including gold and silver at the International Business Awards and an Envisioneering award at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2014 in Las Vegas.