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Data Collection & Routing Services

Automating The Collection Of Data Streams and Batch Files

Fusion242 provides consultancy and IT services to automatically collect and process data from any source using Nucleus. Collected data is made available for analysis and further processing and reporting within the VISION cloud application.



Our consultancy options help you prepare your data and create a best practice for collection customised to your requirements

Initial & Ongoing Consultancy

Our consultancy services help you implement your data collection using our most efficient services and address other areas such as data naming methodologies and security. Once data streams are enabled it is difficult to modify them, especially when devices are located at geographically diverse sites, so we believe in designing a data strategy to meet your immediate and longer term goals.

Data Delivery

We provide services to deliver data into our cloud platform (or your own systems) and back-end processes to collect data directly from devices.

Getting Data To Us

We provide reliable services to get your data into our system. These are delivered over a number of different protocols including sFTP, MQTT, HTTP and email. If you need data collected directly from devices we implement custom collectors to perform this action in the most efficient way for your hardware. Any combination of collection services and data formats can be supplied.

Data Retrieval

Our VISION product allows you to visually manage your data and perform analysis. The API allows you to integrate your data into other systems.

Our VISION product allows you to visualise and manage access to your data via the web. The API provided allows you to integrate your data into other systems and to create custom solutions. The VISION product can be used to manage individual or group user access to device information, and to create structures to navigate to devices more easily.