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Field Service Management

Technology can assist field workers more than ever. Whether performing inspections, surveys, installation of equipment, construction activities or even sales activities on client sites, fusion242 has products and services to help.


Assets, Documents & Data

We specialise in providing portals to assist teams working in the field. Since 2010 we have helped companies save money in time and materials when delivering work through the entire delivery chain.

Many existing asset and document management systems are designed to be inward facing, only allowing access by users within a companies network or employment structure. Fusion242 can help to expose information and data in a secure, controlled manner, removing the need to print and courier copies of documents and drawings. We can also consult on ways to collaborate between contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers to ensure that information flow is managed and changes are distributed, ensuring that everyone is on the same page.

Gemba Concepts

Gemba is a Japanese term meaning “the real place”. In business it refers to the place where ‘value is created’. By allowing visibility of what is happening at ‘the gemba’, organisations can identify where to make improvements and cut costs. This empowers all areas of the business.

The key to Gemba improvements is making information and data from the ‘place of value’ visible to the rest of your organisation. The MetaMoJi Gemba Note product enables this by enabling field workers to capture all kinds of information during their activities, and synchronise this back to the business – in real-time if necessary. For example, a site manager completes an accident form and it is immediately available for head office to review via the cloud. More advanced techniques can be implemented as well – allowing different views of information to be made available to management tiers. This ‘rolling up’ of data to only include the information relevant to the reader allows decisions to be made more quickly, and areas of improvement to be identified and follow-up actions created.


In addition to consultancy, fusion242 supply a number of products to quickly enable field workers with technology.


Our business data and information portal. Use it to distribute and visualise data and documents, while organising people, objects, locations and events that take place in the field.

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MetaMoJi Gemba Note

An app for Windows 10 and iOS that enables field workers to fill forms, use spreadsheets, annotate drawings, capture handwriting, text and sketches. Audio and video can also be added to any page. Document changes can be synchronised via the cloud in real-time or on-demand. Finally data can be exchanged to and from 3rd party systems such as IoT platforms or

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