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Field Data Manager

Collect, Analyse, Visualise and Share Data & Information


Manage Historic and Real-Time Data & Documentation

FDM from Fusion242 is a free data and document management tool, designed to assist companies that deal with workers and assets in the field. It was originally designed to assist workers performing overground and underground surveys, but has evolved since 2012 to include a wealth of data management capabilities.

FDM can be used to manage data from assets such as sensors, smart meters or other IoT devices within structures representing customers, sites and much more. It is capable of managing millions of devices for enterprise scale users, or can just be used to store and share documentation. It includes a powerful scripting interface to allow custom analysis and reports to be generated, along with powerful data visualisation and dashboard tools.

Modern Technology

FDM from Fusion242 is written using the Java programming language so that it can run on most platforms. It is designed to sit in the Amazon cloud (AWS), so that users can access it via their web browser. It can be installed in different platforms however. Installing the software requires a moderate level of technical ability. Our support team are available to assist you in selecting technology and deploying the software in the cloud if needed.