Field Data Manager

Fusion242’s Field Data Manager (FDM) software is a multi-functional web portal that can be used to manage assets, documents and data. FDM integrates powerful automated scripting and visualisation capabilities, allowing it to meet specific business needs such as analytics and reporting.

Use FDM to manage assets, data and documents for your business and your customers.

Store documents such as technical drawings, reports, spreadsheets alongside time-series data such as readings from sensors. Create custom business models with analytics and reporting to help automate time-consuming tasks.

FDM is available to install on your own infrastructure, or contact us to get information about our hosting options.

Capture Data From Loggers, Sensors & Smart Devices

FDM can be used to store, analyse, visualise and report on data from sensors and hardware devices such as smart meters, wearables and other IT systems.

Data can be manually imported into FDM by administrators, or fed directly into the underlying database structure via a middleware solution such as Field Data Hub. Once stored within FDM data can be analysed, visualised and even modified via the web client and automated job services.

Store & Present Documents

Upload documents into FDM against specific sites, projects, devices and any other concept defined in your business model. These documents can be viewed within the client application (where a viewer is supported) or downloaded directly to an authorised users device.

Add Custom Business Analytics

FDM’s built in engine allows the addition of custom logic to perform analytics, reporting and create custom dashboard widgets.

Manage Data

The built-in data explorer allows you to manage your data, combining or comparing data sets. Additional views include day of month charting and the ability to edit or delete individual data points, or as a larger selection.

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Industry Uses

Construction & Inspections

FDM can be used as a portal to share information and data, in the form of documents and visualisations, with internal teams, sub-contractors and clients. Video and imagery can be directly accessed from the users’ web browser without the need to download or email. Forms can be implemented using the FDM schema functionality and entered directly, allowing advanced analysis such as validation and integration with advanced business processes.

Oil & Gas

Management of assets, documentation and data in a single portal brings advanced analytical capability from individual devices, through buildings, sites, regions and entire divisions. Advanced techniques such as integration with AI to identify assets from images, asset inventory optimisation and real time maintenance of digital twins between data and physical assets are possible with customisation via scripts and the Field Data Hub software.

Energy Management

FDM is used to collect and analyse data from renewable and non-renewable sources, including water, oil, gas, electricity, solar PV, combined heat and power, solar thermal, temperature and humidity sensors. Customisation has allowed consultants to implement invoicing, degree day data analysis, expected vs actual, estimation of usage and FiT calculations.

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Hobby Activities

If you are developing projects that utilise sensors, controls or other systems, then FDM can be used to provide a dashboard to visualise your environment. The scripting technologies will allow you to develop quick proof of concept and demo systems to show off your creations.


Use FDM to build or demonstrate projects in your school or university. It can be used on solo and team projects, and allows sharing of data, documents and discussions. It can be quickly installed using other free to use components, providing a powerful environment to create data and information based solutions.

Systems Monitoring & Management

Data from other systems and hardware such as cpu utilisation, memory usage, usage data, survey results can be stored and used within FDM. For example, the FDM Licensing System is actually built using FDM and stores information about usage worldwide to assist our support team.


Developer / Community

  • Local Development
  • Educational Use
  • Community Releases Only
  • Commercial use for company generating annual revenue or funds raised of £60k or less


  • I or my company generate annual revenue or funds raised in excess of £60k
  • Access to latest maintenance releases
  • 12 months subscription period
  • Advanced Features Enabled


  • I or my company generate annual revenue or funds raised in excess of £250k
  • Contact sales for pricing
  • All features of professional edition
  • Custom licensing Agreements

Please be aware that each licence is bound to a single installation. If you require multiple instances, to scale to meet user requirement or to serve multiple subsidiaries, then you will require a licence for each.

Developers and education users must operate the software locally, i.e. the IP address must be a local network address and not a public IP address. This includes accessing the software via a VPN connection from an external network.

The professional and enterprise editions gives you access to regular software updates throughout the year and more direct access to support in case of issues with the FDM software. Charities and educational organisations that require commercial access licences are entitled to discounts – please enquire with our sales team.

The FDM software submits basic information to our licensing server so you will receive an automatic notice if you need to renew your subscription or upgrade from the community edition.