Fusion Data Hub

FDH is a platform for working with data. It enables integration between systems, reporting and data export automation, transformation and load operations and much more.

It can be extended with custom components to manage your data formats, systems, API’s and also comes with many ‘out of the box’ connectors for common tasks such as FTP, file system monitoring, CSV processing, e-mail, database pooling and message queues. For AWS users, it supports connectivity with AWS IoT and other services, but can be easily expanded to other cloud service providers.

The FDH technology has been in development since 2010 and is used in production to manage IoT projects, produce invoices, schedule automated reports, generate certificates, and handle GDPR requests (a few examples).

Technical Requirements

FDH is multi-platform and can be deployed directly into existing projects or as a web application into a container such as Apache Tomcat.

Enhancements to FDH can be created using the Java programming language, or using the built-in scripting language.

FDH provides a multi-threaded environment to maximise CPU utilisation on modern multi-core processors and can be deployed across multiple machines to manage any size of task. Our team can help analyse your requirements and suggest optimal approaches.

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