Energy Management

Fusion242 have provided technical solutions for energy management since early 2012. Our modern platforms are used to manage thousands of devices, with billions of data points stored in systems hosted for our customers.

Our solutions provide flexibility to adapt to changing customer demands, regulatory requirements and new data sources.

Hosted Installations

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In addition to our hosted options you can install the FDM software on your own premises or cloud infrastructure.

Field Data Manager
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Production systems built using Fusion242 technology are currently being used to manage data for energy types including:

  • Mains Water, Gas & Electric
  • Fiscal & Non-Fiscal
  • Solar Generation & Export
  • CHP
  • Biomass
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Irradiance
  • Solar Thermal
  • CO2
  • Battery charge / discharge
  • Heat
  • Wind

The Field Data Manager platform from Fusion242 is used to store, analyse and visualise energy data, documentation and reports. It is a flexible solution that can be used to manage a couple of devices through to millions, with custom functionality that can be implemented for different energy types, customers, sites and even devices.

Lightweight Use

For consultancies or end-users managing a small number of devices, with basic data reporting and analysis requirements, the FDM software can be installed locally on open-source software, or Fusion242 can provide an instance on our shared cloud instance to get you up and running within hours.

Our team will help to get your existing data imported and set up live data feeds from any sources you require (or your own teams can do this for local installations).

Large Volumes

For organisations managing lots of devices and sites, with more complex requirements for reporting and analytics we would advise installing the FDM software on your own infrastructure, or utilise our consultants to specify a cloud based plan to meet your requirements. Fusion242 will provide all necessary components and expertise to deploy FDM and the FDM data hub components to ensure the platform operates efficiently and is planned for scaling in the future.

Complex Analytics and Reporting

If your organisation is performing complex analytics on data sets then we would advise installing locally or on a private cloud instance. This will allow you to extend the scripting capabilities of FDM with bespoke code and third party API toolkits. This type of capability is used to manage tenant and customer invoicing (for example, generation and export analysis for PV, or usage of gas, electricity and water).

Other use cases have involved integration with third party machine learning services, such as Einstein from Salesforce and IBM Watson, to analyse images, data sets and even audio & video streams.

Potential Benefits Of Using FDM vs Traditional Energy Management Platforms

  • Lower Cost of ownership and operation
    The FDM software is licensed at a fixed price per installation, not by user or number of devices. It can use open source products in production and is easily deployed in your own infrastructure or within the cloud.
  • Flexible Architecture
    The architecture of FDM allows it to be extended to support new functionality at any time without waiting for software updates from Fusion242. The platform can be scaled as your business grows due to its’ modular nature. One customer reduced their monthly operating costs by over 10 times by moving to the FDM platform and using Fusion242 consultants to migrate to the cloud from a static data centre and hardware.
  • Performance
    FDM was designed to manage large volumes of data and sites from the outset. Live deployments manage hundreds of thousands of sites and energy devices for hundreds of customers on single installations with immediate data visualisation and analysis. Long running tasks can be processed using the FDM Build process, which performs the activities in the background, notifying the relevant users when the information is ready.
  • Customisable
    FDM can be designed to match your business operating model, meaning that you can represent the devices, locations and legal entities that make up your business ecosphere. Reports and analysis can be added into FDM to automate the generation of information and new data sets as required. If you are managing water in one building and CHP devices in another, you can represent these uniquely and create bespoke dashboards and reporting for each with no cross-over. Common reports and analysis can sit over your entire instance, such as reporting on stuck and missing data from devices, condition reporting by site and exporting data to other services.