Energy Management

Fusion242 have provided technical solutions for energy management since early 2012. Our modern platforms are used to manage thousands of devices, with billions of data points stored in systems hosted for our customers.

Our solutions provide flexibility to adapt to changing customer demands, regulatory requirements and new data sources.

Production systems built using Fusion242 technology are currently being used to manage data for energy types including:

  • Mains Water, Gas & Electric
  • Fiscal & Non-Fiscal
  • Solar Generation & Export
  • CHP
  • Biomass
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Irradiance
  • Solar Thermal
  • CO2
  • Battery charge / discharge
  • Heat
  • Wind


The RETRA product from fusion242 is used to verify and transform AMR data from many hardware vendors for analysis and visualisation. In addition it is used to provide automated data exports, generate invoices from fiscal meter readings for tenant billing, and integrate multiple systems in near real-time.

Field Data Manager

FDM is a web based portal used to manage people, objects, locations, events and files. It allows assets to be linked with data, people to be allocated to projects or buildings, files to be stored and viewed. A flexible data model enables the FDM system to be extended without coding to hold any type of structure needed to describe objects held within it.

For more advanced reporting and analytical requirements, FDM provides a visualisation dashboard system, the ability to build custom functionality that exactly meets customer business requirements using a built-in scripting engine and the ability to extend the web application with REST services linked to custom functionality. In addition, API’s are available for developers to create additional applications and processes against the FDM platform.

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