Fusion242 Field Data Manager: Download

Please Note: Before downloading the software you will require a licence key. If you haven’t already registered for your key please visit our licence centre. If you have lost or forgotten your licence key details you can retrieve them from the licence centre.

FDM Licence Manager

1. Download Software Packages

Fusion242 Field Data Manager is delivered as two java web applications, one for the client that is accessed through a users’ browser and the second for the API layer used by the client and external processes.

2. Download Configuration Files

These files are required to use the Fusion242 Field Data Manager software, but will be customised to meet your system requirements. They include the settings used by the FDM client and API, the templates used to login and invite new users, scripting engine configurations and more. They will be placed outside of your application server running the FDM software. See the installation documentation on how to deploy this file.