CSV file format for Cloud242 import

Cloud242Import: CSV file format

Data can be imported into a Cloud242 installation via the REST API service using the following format:

# Hashtags for comments at start of a line
10001,2016-05-31T11:42:34.134+01:00,1.0,STATUS OK

Data lines must start with the device header ID and a timestamp (yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss.SSSZ).

Each line of data must then supply data for the fields in the order specified. This allows a single data store to be used for different types of data, or for multiple vendor devices that don’t all supply the same data channels but need to be stored in the same store.
Data formats will be extracted based on the types defined in the relevant data store.

The reason for supplying the ID on each line is to enable the importer to manage optimisation of the retrieval, but also manage imports that supply multiple devices, not necessarily in the correct order. Requiring grouping of the ID’s would place a burden on the data importer to require sorting which wouldn’t benefit the import speed significantly.

Validation of the data is provided using the API key that is shown in the instance settings administration screen.

This needs to be supplied to the API service along with the corresponding instance ID. If these two match then the underlying data will be uploaded into the stores. The API key is only displayed for system administrators. In addition to supplying the Instance ID and key, a user id must be supplied. This is checked against API access for the ID – if the user account has data api access enabled then the data can be imported, otherwise the call is rejected.