Using Virtual Mappings within Cloud242

Virtual Mapping is a technique within Cloud242 that allows an object to define its own data generation process. For example, an object could create the total of all its children or pull data from an external source via a REST api. Creating a Script A virtual mapping script provides a [...]

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CSV file format for Cloud242 import

Cloud242Import: CSV file format Data can be imported into a Cloud242 installation via the REST API service using the following format: # # Hashtags for comments at start of a line # [datastoreid]energy[/datastoreid] [fields]meterreading,statuscode[/fields] 10001,2016-05-31T11:42:34.134+01:00,1.0,STATUS OK Data lines must start with the device header ID and a timestamp (yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss.SSSZ). Each line of data must then [...]

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