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CLOUD242 Pricing

Pricing Calculator

Total Price (per year):


* The maximum frequency of data to be stored per device is 1 minute (i.e. one data record per device per minute). If you require higher frequency data pushes please contact support to discuss.

Additional Licences

Additional User License:

£20 per year

Additional 10 Device Licenses:

£10 per year

Additions to your subscription are calculated against the remaining days of your payment subscription period. e.g. if you are 50% of the way through your annual subscription period additional purchases will be 50% reduced in cost.

Additional Services

Service Description Price
Secure FTP account with automated import £99 per year
Additional 100GB storage £20 per month (*billed annually)
Automated import from eMail £99 per year
Scheduled running of scripts contact support
Development of Custom Scripts £75 per hour (avg. script dev. time 1 – 2 hours)

* for data file formats that are new to the system there may be an additional development charge depending on their complexity. This will be discussed in advance.