PA Energy – Energy Management Platform

PA Energy London – Implementing a smart Energy and Water Management solution

The Problem

As a leading London energy and water sub metering services company, PA Energy needed a platform that would allow them to collect data from client sites, automate key checks and analysis, generate complex reports and allow customers to access the data via a portal.

Prior to working with fusion242, PA Energy had utilised a number of different portals from vendors and clients, resulting in the need to log into multiple systems each day to check and manually download data.

The Solution

In the first stage of the project Fusion242 deployed a cloud based infrastructure for PA Energy to enable collection and processing of data from a number of vendors, delivered over a number of different protocols and formats. This process included the creation of bespoke data formats to manage specific problems that other systems had not been able to address completely.

To enable a clean switch over to the new platform the following plan was put in place:

  1. Prepare the data collection layer and test all inputs such as FTP and SMTP along with historic data
  2. Configure the Insight product to hold information about the customers, their sites and the devices.
  3. Build the navigation structures of each customer
  4. Map the devices captured in (1) to the customer navigation structures and assign against device types (e.g. Solar PV generation)
  5. Test
  6. Switch over device data delivery from legacy systems to the new platform

At stage 6 the system was live and had replaced all existing legacy systems that had been in place. The only remaining step was to create security access groups and assign them to the customers navigation structures, then assign customer accounts to the security groups. Customers were now able to view the portal to view, analyse and download data from their devices – regardless of the vendor, device type or data formats involved.

The Results

Since 2012 the PA Energy platform (managed by their subsidiary REDsts) has been live and collecting data for hundreds of devices of varying fiscal and non-fiscal meter sources including:

  • Water (mains, sub-metering, hot and cold supplies)
  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Heat including heating, cooling and hot water
  • Combined Heat & Power (CHP)
  • Oil
  • Solar PV generation and solar thermal heating
  • Wind

Using the Insight platform, PA Energy have been able to automate time-consuming tasks such as detecting which meters haven’t sent data and since when. Custom reports allow customers to specify complex requirements that are implemented using the Insight scripting and analysis engine and generated on-demand or to a schedule. Finally integration tasks such as data delivery to 3rd party systems and personnel is handled through the scheduling features – allowing customers open access to their data.

About PA Energy

London based PA Energy specialise in the supply, installation and on-going monitoring of turnkey sub-metering systems a wide range of  buildings + sites water and energy saving projects.

For more information about the capabilities of the REDsts platform (we have only described a small amount of the features used) please contact Percy Albuquerque (

For more information about the Insight and Nucleus products from fusion242 please contact Ben Walshaw (


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