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Fusion of Things : Platform Launch

Fusion of Things Platform Launch Early Access Sign Up Official launch date: February 2017 Fusion of Things (FoT) is a FREE data and information management cloud platform, created to manage data from sensors and smart devices alongside semantic information on people, locations and events. FoT also provides document storage, granular security [...]

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Webinar: Fusion of Things – making IoT more mobile with MetaMoJi

Fusion Of Things - IoT for Construction, Engineering & Energy/Water Management When: Tue, Nov 15, 4:00 pm  (45 min)London (GMT Standard Time, GMT) Where: WebEx Online Join the fusion242 and MetaMoJi teams for a joint webinar showing how the MetaMoJi mobile applications can be integrated with the free Fusion of Things IoT platform to distribute and [...]

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Using Virtual Mappings within Fusion of Things (FOT)

Virtual Mapping is a technique within FOT (Fusion of Things) that allows an object to define its own data generation process. For example, an object could create the total of all its children or pull data from an external source via a REST api. Creating a Script A virtual mapping script [...]

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PA Energy – Energy Management Platform

PA Energy London - Implementing a smart Energy and Water Management solution The Problem As a leading London energy and water sub metering services company, PA Energy needed a platform that would allow them to collect data from client sites, automate key checks and analysis, generate complex reports and allow customers to access the data via a portal. [...]

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MetaMoJi Gemba IoT Platform

MetaMoJi Gemba IoT Platform Focuses Human Interaction With Devices Using Smart Documents As a world leading productivity app provider, MetaMoJi Corporation of Japan are expected to be at the forefront of technology when it comes to linking users to information via their mobile devices. After successfully linking users of their Gemba product to 3rd party systems [...]

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CSV file format for Fusion of Things (FOT) import

FOT Import: CSV file format Data can be imported into a FOT:Insight installation via the REST API service using the following format: # # Hashtags for comments at start of a line # [datastoreid]energy[/datastoreid] [fields]meterreading,statuscode[/fields] 10001,2016-05-31T11:42:34.134+01:00,1.0,STATUS OK Data lines must start with the device header ID and a timestamp (yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss.SSSZ). Each line of data must [...]

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