What is Fusion Data Manager (FDM)?

FDM is a data and document management system. It incorporates our POLEF methodology (people, objects, locations, events, files) to allow you to represent business concepts and terminology, and use these in analytics and reporting.

FDM is based on technologies that Fusion242 have been developing since 2012 and which have been used to successfully manage hundreds of thousands of devices. with billions of data points. This release of FDM allows users to download and install the software rather than having to access the software from Fusion242’s cloud infrastructure. The FDM software is written using the Java language to enable portability, and uses the MySQL database server to store data.

The software is available under licence, with free versions available for development work and education products. There are features in the software only available to paying customers. These are indicated in the software if applicable. The enterprise edition is designed for larger organisations and licensing can be structured in multiple ways – please enquire with our sales team to discuss your specific needs.

Get started at the FDM product page – For any questions regarding FDM please email support@fusion242.com