Release 2019.01.01

This release includes changes to both FDM Client and FDM API.


FDMTimeSeriesSet::getDataStoreField – fixed to consistently retrieve correct field from given name.

Day analytics creation – fixed bug in date/time field processing

Major Changes:

Value display widget that also allows extraction of values from object attributes.

Colour background scheme for value display widgets

Updated UI

Added methods to scripting helper (FDM) to create a Joda DateTime object from a DateTime String. Used to conveniently convert date/time fields from data sets during processing.

Data Explorer -> Custom Data Query (data visualisation view); rewritten overlay process. You can now drag and drop other objects directly into the graph rather than having to use the additional objects area. Where a dropped data reference uses the same data source as the primary object it will automatically map the data field to match your current selection.

File storage can now be based on either Amazon S3 or local file system.